The DOORS, I looked at you, 1967

I should write 1984 instead, but the original year is 1967.

This is a splendid album, maybe one of the most important pop album for my generation. It is not rare to talk about missing links between this and that, and this album IS the missing link between the 1960’s and 1980’s french new wave and after. Nothing in between compares. Of course, many albums, many artists are essential.
But what surprises me all the times when I hear this song especialy, is how it gets all this thing we loved so much around 1978/81, this organ deploying a melody on its own. Like Taxi Girl, for example.
In 1984, the 1967 revival started in Paris, this was a revelation for me as I could discover this music freed from its 1970’s heavy baggage, just for what it was. Pure new wave.


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