Taxi girl, sos mannekin, 1980

As far as I recall, something changed in my life the day I heard this song, and even now it is still working somewhere deep in my soul. Yes, my soul.

There was this program on the French radio national network France-Inter, during lunch time, for 45 minutes from 12:05 to 12:50. A selection of 3 songs of the same singer. The new wave was booming and this is how, one day, on a special « new wave » of this program I discovered Taxi Girl. Of course, I knew Edith Nylon, or Starshooter, but the sound of the keyboard decided I would go for the electronic, cold side of the new wave. Actually, this was my first new wave record, bought during the summer of 1981 after I helped my friend Freddie to change the wallpapers in her room, which provided me the needed extra 50 francs. I was 15, I was openly gay and it was the summer I started cruising in the jardin des Tuileries.
This summer, I spent a lot of time recording music on the radio, making tapes after tape. Life was calling me…
The keyboard of Laurent Sinclair is still having this magic Ray Manzareck (the keyboard of The Doors) touch I was writing about several days ago. I remember him in 1982 or 1983 at a concert of The Stranglers, he was standing next to me, alone.
Usualy, french song are chatty, which means if the author is talented it is fine, but most of the time it comes with poor results… This song is just perfect, with meaningless lyrics you don’t even need to understand, a story of a lonely model.
I was 15, and I am still 15 when I hear this song.


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