Siouxsie and the Banshees – Red Light


I was just 16 when school started in september 1981. I had many adventures during the summer which changed me completely. Anita lent me this LP. During a history class, I argued Renaud the signer was boring and young people should be allowed to listen only for young music and not 30 years old something crap. The teacher was surprised (I was THE best student in history). Other students laught, especialy because I was openly gay. But one of them asked me some questions and would become my little great sister, Maria. I miss her, as we live 10000 km one far from each others…

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Madjid Ben Chikh
Madjid Ben Chikh

Madjid Ben Chikh, auteur, bloggueur. A Tokyo depuis 2006.
Ce Blog, journal d'un solitaire sociable et moderne de Paris et Londres à Tokyo, depuis aout 2004.


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