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End of 1982, beginning of 1983, I am 17… That winter, maybe around February or March, I go to the concert of Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Mutualite hall. I meet Anita and Georges from school. The concert was great, but unfortunatly, we did not have the chance to have Robert Smith as a guitarist like in this incredible YouTube video.
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  • Robert Smith was on guitars at The Mutualité concert in Paris in December’82. He also played for them another time in Paris in March’84 at Pavillon Baltard. He only did two concerts in Paris with them.

    So, you must make a confusion with Bataclan (september’80) because Le Palace’s concert was in July’81

    • Thank you! I didn’t remember Robert Smith was at the guitar ! But it was definitly the concert at Mutualite in december 1982, The Kiss in the dreamhouse concert, with the bright light at the start and the song Cascade maybe. I didn’t go to the concert in Le Bataclan as I was toooooooo young, not Le Palace in 1981 (my first concert at Le Palace was New Order, september 1982).
      Thanks so much for the corrections !

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