Orchestre rouge, speakerine, 1982

Few days ago, as my friend Pierre posted a song of Passion Fooder on Facebook, Peter O’Tool, I suddenly remembered Orchestre Rouge, the previous band of the singer.

I think it was in 1981 I heard the name of this band for the first time, in september, after the concert of New Order at Le Palace as someone gave me a pamphlet for a concert in the following week, Orchestre Rouge and Kas Product.
Later, in a cold week afternoon, as I was home with fever and a very bad cold, I turned on the radio, Fréquence Gaie, and heard the song speakerine for the first time.
Who remembers this band, nowadays…
I was 16 going 17.
Thanks, Pierre, for bringing me back in time for a few seconds. I can be proudly in 48’s for the rest of the day, now.


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  1. Avatar de Why not
    Why not

    À Cold week afternoon with FG ?
    I was one of the Djs who played Orchestre Rouge .
    We aired our program every wednesday from noon to 5 on FG
    We were the youngest Djs at that time on Frequence Gaie , and had total liberty in programming new wave rock punk synthpop and receive and interview artists .
    Those were good times , I was 18 and I will never Forget how sweet it was to work with my friends at Fréquence Gaie.

    1. Avatar de Madjid Ben Chikh
      Madjid Ben Chikh

      Thanks for your comment! And thank you so much for the wonderful window this radio was at the time.

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