Orchestre rouge, speakerine, 1982


Few days ago, as my friend Pierre posted a song of Passion Fooder on Facebook, Peter O’Tool, I suddenly remembered Orchestre Rouge, the previous band of the singer.

I think it was in 1981 I heard the name of this band for the first time, in september, after the concert of New Order at Le Palace as someone gave me a pamphlet for a concert in the following week, Orchestre Rouge and Kas Product.
Later, in a cold week afternoon, as I was home with fever and a very bad cold, I turned on the radio, Fréquence Gaie, and heard the song speakerine for the first time.
Who remembers this band, nowadays…
I was 16 going 17.
Thanks, Pierre, for bringing me back in time for a few seconds. I can be proudly in 48’s for the rest of the day, now.


  • À Cold week afternoon with FG ?
    I was one of the Djs who played Orchestre Rouge .
    We aired our program every wednesday from noon to 5 on FG
    We were the youngest Djs at that time on Frequence Gaie , and had total liberty in programming new wave rock punk synthpop and receive and interview artists .
    Those were good times , I was 18 and I will never Forget how sweet it was to work with my friends at Fréquence Gaie.

    • Thanks for your comment! And thank you so much for the wonderful window this radio was at the time.

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