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Siouxsie and the Banshees – Red Light

I was just 16 when school started in september 1981. I had many adventures during the summer which changed me completely. Anita lent me this LP. During a history class, I argued Renaud the signer was boring and young people should be allowed to listen only for young music and not 30 years old something crap. The teacher was surprised (I was THE best student in history). Other students laught...

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Melt

End of 1982, beginning of 1983, I am 17… That winter, maybe around February or March, I go to the concert of Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Mutualite hall. I meet Anita and Georges from school. The concert was great, but unfortunatly, we did not have the chance to have Robert Smith as a guitarist like in this incredible YouTube video.
Maria / Georges / Marylene / Anita / Cap

Eyeless in Gaza, Transcience Blues

I was 16 when I heard this song for the first time, and this duet became one of my favourite. I remember the concert aired on Radio Cite Future and commented by Anais Prozaic, with a small introduction about the coming concert of The Residents.

Brigades Internationales – First Time

1982, I’m 17 y’o. Concert this automn at l’Espace de la Roquette in the 11th arrondissment in Paris. Catherine “Cap” is late, she will not come. Lukrate Milk, Les Maitres and Brigades Internationales are on stage. Lucrate is funny, Les Maitres is boring, Brigades is almost unearable because of all the punks yealling in the crownd (unluckilly, Brigades is before...

SPK – Metal Dance

1983, I was 18 y’o. Well, let’s be clear : the Metal Dance is definitly the first techno tune ever, isn’t it! Only an industrial band could do such a mix of sounds, and SPK succeeded better than bands like Cabaret Voltaire which were too conceptuals. SPK achieved a completely dansable hit which surprized many of us and announced clearly that the era of the so called New Wave was...

Kas Product – Man of time

1982, I was 17 y’o, I was going to Secondary School. “Premiere” and “Terminale”. Wonderful summer spent in going to clubs, eventually having sex, les Tuileries Garden near Le Louvres and meeting new people, experimenting a new life. Jean, Michel, Olivier, Maria, Frederique. S. Limelight. Mme Bourbon.

This is the day – The The

End of 1983, start of 1984, I was 18 y’o. Souvenir of 2 British girls living in Paris, dressed in black with Siouxsie style blond hair, always getting up for that tune, putting their little parisian bags “sac a commission” on the floor and dancing around like 2 little girls, at the Parisian Rock night La Cebale, Opera Night. Olivier / Nathalie / Raymonde / Escargot / Frequence...

C’est l’hiver

Moi, Vivaldi, je suis tombe dedans enfant, et je lui doit beaucoup, je veux dire, enormement. C’est grace a lui que j’ai decouvert Aicha Reddouane, par exemple. Aicha Reddouane interprete la musique arabe du 19eme siecle en reconstituant les techniques de chant et les orchestrations de cette epoque. Comme les orchestres que je suis depuis pres de 30 ans le font pour les musiques...

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