The best song of the 1980’s. Just that…

New Order and The Cure wrote for the crowd of their time, and to tell the truth, the result was spendid for New Order. But with this song, The Bunnymen went farther, far farther. They just didn’t know they were recording for the 90’s and the 2000’s. In this song, there is Nirvana, there is Oasis, with a much, much better style. Maturity, I said.

1985, Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm

In 1985, I reached my 20th year. After years of “rock and roll”, I finally cooled down, but I entered another moment in my life. Didier Lestrade talked about this many times and it is a subject which is not so frequently told. I stopped having sex for almost a year and a half. Not completly, but almost. HIV was a fear in my generation’s mind like no one can understand nowadays...

1984, The Smiths, What difference does it make ?

1983/84 was a turning point. I started living alone in Paris the previous in year in september and very quickly I drawn into the abyss of the University. Students were boring, all from middle/upper middle class in a kind of average Telerama culture. I hated that. Instead of studying, I invested my time into concerts, my radio program, and booze, and pot, and acids… I was 18 after all. Sex...

DIVINE, You think you’re a man, 1984

I was 18 going 19. My summer of 1984. I didn’t like that kind of music, but Divine was different. The caracter, for sure, the sens of humor also, her history, magical caracter in John Water’s movie, a creature without borders, just free and funny.

Blondie, Heart of Glass, 1979

This was during the summer of 1980 the course of my life completly changed. I was not 15 yet, but that year I came out at school, in front of all the others. I lost weight also. That summer, I spent almost 1 or 2 months in western France, in a prefecture called Sarte, in my grandfather’s house. I could play with my cousins, especially one, Daniel, I kind of fancied very much. He was sweet...

Here comes the rain again, Eurythmics (1984)

L’année de mes 18 ans… Souvenir du Broad, un couple qui dansait toujours sur cette chanson. L’un, un peu grand, un peu rond, les cheveux un peu longs devant, brun, la peau claire, très français. L’autre, plus petit, le teint mat, plus latin, parfois torse nu. J’écris couple mais je n’en sais rien. Ils étaient heureux et toujours, quand je pense à cette époque...

Parce que Lou Reed…

on voulait pas trop ressembler à ces bandes de ringards les yeux défoncés par le shit, les cheveux passés au patchouli qui prétendaient avoir tout vécu, tout vu, tout compris, qui nous servaient de profs

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