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On the dark side…

This very dark vision is a part of the testimony of my generation. Boomers used to say we were cynical, that we were too realistic, not enough idealists, and bla bla bla, and bla bla bla… We were only 15 and those of us who were lucide enough to understand what was going on in the world knew that all those dreams of “socialism” and “revolutions” were vain.

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1985, Grace Jones, Slave to the Rhythm

In 1985, I reached my 20th year. After years of “rock and roll”, I finally cooled down, but I entered another moment in my life. Didier Lestrade talked about this many times and it is a subject which is not so frequently told. I stopped having sex for almost a year and a half. Not completly, but almost. HIV was a fear in my generation’s mind like no one can understand nowadays. It was a fatal disease, not only fatal, but before dying it was just horrible, a slow agony, losing weight, caposy syndrom… Hell.

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1984, The Smiths, What difference does it make ?

1983/84 was a turning point. I started living alone in Paris the previous in year in september and very quickly I drawn into the abyss of the University. Students were boring, all from middle/upper middle class in a kind of average Telerama culture. I hated that. Instead of studying, I invested my time into concerts, my radio program, and booze, and pot, and acids… I was 18 after all. Sex was also a companion but not as much as my other gay friends. I was a rocker, not a full time queer… I went to concerts twice, three times a week. That time, people were dressed in black, and so was I.

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